Belfast Map

The city of Belfast was formed in the early 17th century. The name Belfast derives from the Gaelic words Beal Feirste meaning mouth of the sandy ford. The city has the world's largest dry dock, and famously the ill-fated Titanic was constructed here. The city is also well known for the civil conflict that raged from 1969 to the late 1990's, now known collectively as 'The Troubles'. A popular tourist activity involves taking black taxi tours of the once infamous Shankill and Falls roads to see the large political murals of representing both sides of the Troubles.

In recent years Belfast has prospered due to the new peace that there is now in Northern Ireland. Belfast, once a battle-scarred backwater, is now undergoing a huge transformation, resulting from this new political stability, into a desirable destination and investment hotspot. Below is a google map showing some of the main visitor attractions in Belfast City.