Surfing Locations Map of Ireland

With the right weather, the north, south, and west coasts of Ireland can be home to some of the best surfing waves in the world. Gulf Stream storm activity generates large swells all year round, but the best times for surfing are in early summer or throughout the autumn months when the water temperature reaches its peak at about 17 degrees Celsius. In winter, wind from close-range North Atlantic storms, water temperature below 8 degrees and inclement weather make winter surfing a much tougher proposition and only for the truly dedicated.

The quality of surfing around Ireland draws some of the world's top boardriders to take on the monstrous waves that hit the west coast throughout the winter months. Ireland has gained a reputation as a "cold Hawaii" with wave consistency and swell frequency now being mentioned along with the world's top surfing locations. Although Irish waters are cooler than those in tropical climbs, with the right wetsuit you are ensured to have excellent surfing conditions on pristine beaches without crowds of other surfers competing for the same waves.

Below is a map of Ireland's top surfing locations.